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Make the Sale: Build, Launch, and Manage E-commerce Stores

Weekly Chlange: 1 Make the Sale Coursera Quiz Answer’s

Test your knowledge: Why e-commerce?

  1. Which e-commerce type, such as photos, music files, or online courses, can you download to your device?
  • Digital goods
  1. Which e-commerce type does a person provide online, such as a tutoring lesson or health coaching session?
  • Services
  1. Fill in the blank: E-commerce includes two types of businesses, online-only and _____.
  • click-and-mortar
  1. Why would a store with a physical location make its products available for sale online? Select three.
  • The majority of customers shop online first.
  • Customers enjoy browsing inventory online.
  • Online shopping can drive in-store traffic.

Weekly Challenge 1

1. Which of the following describes e-commerce?

  • The buying and selling of goods or services using the internet

2. Health coaching, business consulting, or graphic design are examples of which type of e-commerce?

  • Services

3. Which of the following are the benefits of e-commerce? Select all that apply.

  • E-commerce allows businesses to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so customers can shop whenever they want.
  • E-commerce allows businesses to sell products to customers worldwide since almost anyone can visit the store online.
  • E-commerce reduces overhead expenses and lowers startup costs, since it does not require a storefront.

4. Fill in the blank: Completion of an activity that contributes to the success of a business is called _____.

  • conversion

5. Which of the following is a software solution that allows a company to sell products or services online?

  • E-commerce platform

6. Which of the following are examples of market research considerations? Select all that apply.

  • Target audience
  • Market size
  • Competition

7. Which of the following are benefits to a company using market research to better understand customers? Select all that apply.

  • The ability to create an effective strategy for spending a marketing budget
  • The opportunity to build a brand that customers can identify with

8. Which of the following equations would allow a company to calculate the net profit of a product?

  • Total revenue − total expenses

9. Which of the following fulfillment methods ships products from the supplier directly to the customer and is the fastest way to bring a product to market?

  • Dropshipping

10. Which of the following are key characteristics of branding? Select all that apply.

  • How customers connect with the values that the company supports
  • How customers feel about a company and the products it sells

11. Which of the following are things that can be sold online through e-commerce? Select all that apply.

  • Software
  • Physical goods
  • Services

12. Purchasing and downloading Adobe Photoshop is an example of which type of e-commerce product?

  • Software

13. An e-commerce business receives a large amount of website traffic. What does this traffic data indicate?

  • The number of visits to the website

14. What capabilities do e-commerce platforms offer businesses?

  • Create and maintain a digital storefront and sell products or services online

15. What information does a marketer gather when researching a company’s market size?

  • The company’s most important competition

16. How do tools like Google Trends help you determine the demand for a product?

  • They allow you to compare products and determine audience interest.

17. Fill in the blank: Dropshipping, partnering with a vendor or wholesale supplier, and designing and creating custom products to manufacture are all examples of _____.

  • ways a company can source products for their business

18. Why is quality an important part of a company’s branding? Select all that apply.

  • Customers want to interact with products that make their lives easier or fit their lifestyles.
  • Customers want to be able to easily get the help they need.
  • Customers want to be able to rely on a company’s products.

19. An online store sells home goods such as furniture and kitchen appliances. These products are examples of which common e-commerce category?

  • Physical goods

20. Which of the following is considered an e-commerce service?

  • Business Consulting

21. A brick-and-mortar store’s location and hours make it difficult for customers to visit. How does e-commerce offer the business a solution to its problem?

  • E-commerce stores allow customers to purchase a product at any time from anywhere.

22. Fill in the blank: An “add to cart” button on a product page or a link that says “sign up to subscribe to our newsletter” on a website’s homepage are examples of _____.

  • calls to action

23. An e-commerce marketer conducts secondary research to learn about a business and its audience. Which activities will they likely conduct for this secondary research?

  • Gather information from published sources and consumer insights

24. Which of the following customer demographics enable a marketer to better understand their target audience?

  • Income level, education level, and occupation

25. What are the four commonly recognized e-commerce categories?

  • Physical goods, digital goods, services, and software

26. A stock photography website allows customers to download images for a fee. What type of e-commerce product does the business sell?

  • Digital goods

27. Which of the following are challenges in e-commerce? Select all that apply.

  • Lack of in-person customer service
  • Cost of shipping
  • Higher rate of returns

28. Fill in the blank: The total number of potential customers within a specific industry is called _____.

  • market size

29. Which of the following describes the group of people most likely to purchase a company’s products?

  • Target audience

30. Why would you track a product’s return on ad spend (ROAS)?

  • To determine if the product’s advertising is profitable

31. Which of the following are reasons why storytelling is an important part of branding? Select all that apply.

  • Customers want to feel good about their purchases.
  • Customers want to understand the values that a company upholds.
  • Customers want to know how the company is making a difference in the world.

32. Fill in the blank: Digital goods and physical goods are examples of _____.

  • things that can be sold online through e-commerce

33. A retail store has a physical storefront and an online shop. What type of e-commerce model is this?

  • A click-and-mortar business

34. A marketer identifies a company’s target audience. What does the information they gather about the target audience enable them to do?

  • Tailor the marketing campaign and pricing strategy to suit the audience’s needs

35. How does a business acquire the items they want to sell to customers?

  • Product Sourcing

36. Why is effective customer service important for a brand’s identity?

  • It allows a company to positively affect customers’ impression of the brand.

37. Which of the following keeps track of all the items the customer plans to purchase?

  • Digital shopping cart

38. Fill in the blank: In e-commerce, research that includes conducting surveys or interviews, direct observation, or focus groups is called _____.

  • primary research

39. Which of the following are helpful demographics or factors to consider when doing research to determine the target audience? Select all that apply.

  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies

40. Fill in the blank: The _____ for a product indicates the amount of money left over after expenses are paid.

  • net profit

41. A company receives electronic payments from customers who buy its digital services online. What type of business model does this company use?

  • E-commerce

42. An online store receives a large number of conversions for a new product. What do these conversions indicate?

  • Customers purchased the product by completing the checkout process.

43. A company designs and produces custom products by partnering with a manufacturer. What is the benefit of using this product-sourcing model?

  • It gives the company more control over the design and quality of its products.

44. Which tactic might help an e-commerce store improve its brand identity?

  • Include frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the store’s website

45. What is the formula for return on ad spend (ROAS)?

  • (Number of units sold × cost per unit) / ad spend Cost per unit
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