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Make the Sale: Build, Launch, and Manage E-commerce Stores

Weekly Challenge 3: Make the Sale: Build, Launch, and Manage E-commerce Stores

Test your knowledge: Basics of online advertising

Fill in the blank: _____ is a form of marketing that uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.

  • Online advertising

Define CPM

  • The cost of an advertisement per 1,000 impressions

Which of the following are the benefits of online advertising? Select three.

  • It has global reach capabilities.
  • It is cost effective.
  • It gathers data for effective brand strategizing.

Google Discovery campaigns are _____,

  • campaigns that show a business’ relevant ads to people who are most likely to be interested in them

Weekly Challenge 3 : Ads and campaigns in e-commerce

1. Consider the following scenario:

An established business in the community is considering a move to online advertising. They typically market their products in various print publications but have recently observed a decline in sales and overall customer traffic. However, they are not sure if they should try online advertising.

What benefits of online advertising could convince this business to advertise online?

  • It is cost-effective and quick and easy to produce.

2. Consider the following scenario:

A company wants to market its new campaign with a television ad. In order to produce this type of advertisement, they will need to hire actors, writers, and a production crew. After reviewing the extensive production process, the company realizes that they do not have the time or financial resources to do a television ad.

What kind of advertising could they afford that would be quicker and easier and able to reach a large audience?

  • Online advertising

3. What are the different campaign types that Google Ads offers? Select four.

  • Shopping
  • Display
  • Search
  • Video

4. Fill in the blank: Like display campaigns, _____ helps a company’s potential customers meet their e-commerce products at the start of the buying journey and helps spread awareness about a company’s brand.

  • Video campaigns

5. What are the advantages of using a Smart campaign? Select three.

  • Automated
  • Saves money
  • Easy setup

6. Fill in the blank: For e-commerce, Smart shopping campaigns are the best Smart campaigns to help maximize _____.

  • shopping potential

7. Consider the following scenario:

A digital marketer is creating a Smart Shopping campaign in Google Ads. Their next step is to specify the products they want to advertise in the campaign. They decide that because there are so many products available, their entire feed should appear in their ads.

Why is it problematic to take this approach?

  • It could reduce their specificity and worsen their performance.

8. When is the best time for businesses to target new contacts and attract new audiences?

  • Off-season

9. Fill in the blank: E-commerce specialists need to prepare for seasonal events. In order to do this, they need to use _____, which will make seasonality adjustments to optimize for conversions or conversion value in every auction.

  • smart bidding

10. Fill in the blank: Resolving _____ improves the buyer’s experience with your brand and could help bring customers back to your site.

  • pain points

11. Fill in the blank: To improve _____, advertisers have shifted their advertising budgets to focus largely online.

  • cost-efficiency

12. As an e-commerce marketer, you will likely encounter different ad campaigns that suit your business needs and help you reach your audience. What are the four common types of e-commerce ad campaigns?

  • Shopping, Search, Display, and Video

13. Fill in the blank: Commonly used in e-commerce, _____ have a limited time to make an impression on potential customers and are placed before, during, or after ads.

  • Video campaigns

14. What type of campaign provides a simpler business marketing experience by combining Search and Display campaigns and allows Google to control most of the campaign’s management?

  • Smart campaigns

15. As an e-commerce specialist, you create an automated campaign that allows you to optimize for more sales and reach shoppers across Google’s sites and networks. What campaign does this refer to?

  • Smart Shopping campaign

16. As an e-commerce marketer, you choose a campaign name and then set the goals for a Smart Shopping campaign. What should you select as the goal?

  • “Sales” then “Shopping”

17. As an e-commerce marketer, you create a marketing strategy for when customers are much more likely to buy products due to related weather variables or special events. What season does this refer to?

  • On-season

18. An e-commerce specialist uses Google Ads Performance Planner to prepare for the on-season. What does this tool allow them to do?

  • Determine the perfect bid and budget settings for campaigns that run year-round

19. A business considers online advertising compared to traditional advertising. Its goal is to target a larger audience to help increase sales. What key benefit of online advertising applies to this specific goal?

  • Online advertising allows businesses to create global campaigns without a high cost.

20. Fill in the blank: _____ have become the primary way for companies to get their brands recognized and products discovered.

  • Online ads

21. Fill in the blank: _____ offer a variety of campaign types to help digital marketers craft specific messaging in their online ads to attract and engage potential customers.

  • Google Ads

22. A marketer aims to connect with new customers by placing image ads across several websites. What is the benefit of using the Google Display Network to achieve their goal?

  • It reaches over 90 percent of Internet users worldwide.

23. When creating a Smart campaign, you give Google control of the campaign’s direction and how the budget is spent. What is the benefit of this?

  • Spend less time checking on the campaign while it operates

24. An e-commerce marketer creates an ad campaign that uses real-time signals like user queries, time of day, and devices to show products to customers. What is a benefit of choosing a Smart Shopping campaign to reach customers at the right time?

  • It uses technology to optimize for sales and reaches shoppers across Google’s sites and networks

25. What campaign goal should a digital marketer select when creating a Smart Shopping campaign in Google Ads?

  • Sales

26. Fill in the blank: During _____, businesses can expect to receive the most financial gain.

  • the on-season

27. As an e-commerce specialist, you often recognize common trends in the industry. You use an adjustment tool in Google Ads that informs the smart bid tool when to change its bidding behavior. What is this an example of?

  • Seasonality

28. What e-commerce benefit is cost-effective, quick, and easy to produce, and has global reach?

  • Online advertising

29. A business aims to market its new product to an international audience. They require a method that generates ads easily, as their budget does not allow for additional expenses or detailed planning. How does online advertising enable them to do this?

  • By using automated structures that streamline the advertising process

30. An e-commerce marketer creates an ad campaign that is not limited to the Google Search platform but can appear on any platform part of the Google Display Network. Which ad campaign did they create?

  • A display campaign

31. A marketer aims to reach new and returning customers online and considers different ad campaigns. Why should they consider a video ad campaign to reach their goal?

  • It reaches billions of users worldwide before, during, or after YouTube clips.

32. Fill in the blank: Those in the e-commerce industry use _____ to determine when a business will receive a potential increase or slowdown in revenue sales.

  • seasonality

33. Fill in the blank: The_____ is a tool that allows a company to forecast the impact of different spending scenarios and events during upcoming seasons.

  • Performance Planner

34. How can e-commerce specialists optimize their e-commerce strategy? Select all that apply.

  • Conduct more research on the industry’s booms and slumps
  • Reconsider pricing
  • Simplify the buying process

35. Fill in the blank: Working in the field of e-commerce, digital marketers are likely to encounter four types of _____ campaigns that fit their business needs.

  • Google Ads

36. Fill in the blank: A _____ is an automated campaign management tool within Google Ads that helps a digital marketer promote their business.

  • Smart campaign

37. What are the benefits of a Smart Shopping campaign? Select all that apply.

  • Optimize existing ad products
  • Leverage automatic bidding

38. Fill in the blank: When a digital marketer creates a Smart Shopping campaign in Google Ads, by default, it sets bids that maximize the _____ within their provided average daily budget.

  • value of conversions

39. As an e-commerce specialist, you use seasonality adjustments to inform Smart Bidding and prepare for seasonal events. What does this tool allow you to do?

  • Set a time and date for when you expect a short spike in the conversion rate

40. Fill in the blank: When optimizing your e-commerce strategy, consider adjusting certain product prices so that they match or are _____.

  • lower than your competitors

41. Before online advertising, what type of audience was nearly impossible for small to medium-sized companies to reach?

  • A global audience

42. A marketer uses various campaign types to create specific messaging for their online ads and attract and engage their target audience. What did they use?

  • Google Ads

43. As an e-commerce marketer, you aim to sell a product by listing it on search results along with a photo of the product and its price. Which ad campaign should you create?

  • A shopping ad campaign

44. As an e-commerce specialist, you create an automated campaign that only requires a few steps to complete and saves you time and money. What campaign does this refer to?

  • A Smart campaign

45. As an e-commerce marketer, you create a campaign that maximizes shopping potential by combining your single existing product feed and assets into ads across a variety of networks. What campaign is this?

  • Smart Shopping campaign

46. Fill in the blank: In order to determine when a company might experience a spike or slow down in e-commerce traffic, they can use _____, a tool that lets them explore global Google searches.

  • Google Trends

47. What default does a Smart Shopping campaign set when choosing an average daily budget?

  • Bids that maximize the value of the conversions within the provided average daily budget

48. A small to medium-sized company aims to reach a global audience. They are searching for a method that does not cost millions of dollars or require extensive research. What should they do?

  • Advertise their products or services online

49. Fill in the blank: _____ are an essential part of the online buying and selling process because they promote online inventory and boost traffic to a retailer’s website store.

  • Shopping campaigns

50. What are the different campaign types that Google Ads offers? Select all that apply.

  • Display
  • Video 
  • Search
  • Shopping

51. When creating a Smart Shopping campaign, why should you select the products you would like to advertise in the campaign?

  • To increase the campaign’s specificity and improve its performance
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