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Social Media Management Coursera quiz answer

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Establish Your Presence Quiz

Social Media Content Quiz

  • Connect with the reader on a personal basis
  • Direct message the post to as many people as possible
  • Identify a problem and offer a solution
  • Put Please Share This!" in the post text
  • Post your tweet as a reply to a popular social media account
  • Tweet the same ad every 10 minutes
  • Include an image in your post
  • Images or vides
  • Call-to-Action & Links
  • Hashtags or @mentions
  • Emojis
  • A tweet with an image gets 3 times more engagement than a tweet with only text
  • A Facebook post with an image gets half the engagement it would without an image
  • Creating a post with an image does not have a significant impact on LinkedIn
  • The ideal video length on YouTube is 2 minutes
  • The ideal video length on Twitter is 2 minutes
  • The ideal video length on TikTok is 2 minutes

Social Media Content Management Quiz

  • The post's content, including images and hashtags
  • Which platform(s) you are posting it on?
  • Date and time of the past
  • All of the above
  • Shows your team what you are creating
  • Creates more polished, professional content
  • Helps to visualize content
  • Creates content quickly
  • Increases engagement on specific posts
  • No response
  • "Hey James-get this off our page, man, makes us look bad."
  • "Hey James-we're sorry to hear that. That's not in line with our standards, and we'll DM you now to talk about this and send someone your way as soon as possible to fix it."
  • "Hey James- sorry to hear that. But that's your problem now."
  • Respond to customers when your business is closed
  • Triage customer queries to direct them towards the right people
  • Answer basic or commonly-asked questions
  • Schedule person to person interactions

Evaluate your Efforts with this quiz.

  • The Insta Live at the Festival on May 9 had many impressions
  • The Insta Live at the Festival on May 9 had many shares
  • The Tribute to Moms images on May 10 had many click-throughs
  • The "Mother's Day is Sunday" post on May 8 had many click-throughs
  • Imra should remember to mention (@) the account or publication where she found the articles
  • Imra should remember to include hashtags in her post.
  • Imra should remember to track the metrics of the post.
  • Pretty good! Most posts are between that time, but Calla & hy is still seeing good engagement from posts outside of the time frame.
  • Great! All posts are within that time.
  • The time you post something on social media doesn't matter.
  • Not good. Ima need to adjust her posting time.

Social Media Management

1: How to manage a content calendar for a social media presence

Managing a content calendar for a social media presence is a bit like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle – thrilling, but you’d better know what you’re doing, or it can all go very wrong, very fast. A content calendar is like your personal crystal ball which anticipates and organizes your posts.

Construct a dynamic schedule

Firstly, a calendar that is dynamic is much more than just a glorified timetable. You need it to be flexible and adaptive. This is the social media equivalent of being both a marathon runner and a sprinter, you have to be in for the long haul but ready to react at a moment’s notice.

Harness your creativity

Then there’s the daunting abyss of creativity. One day you’re overflowing with ideas, next you’re as barren as the Sahara. Aim to create a mix of evergreen content for the dry spells and timely, topical content to keep things fresh. It’s like being a Michelin-starred chef—you don’t want the same boring dish every day.

Keep organized

Organization—your mentor and secret sidekick. You have to ensure your posts coincide with events, themes or promotions. It’s a little like being a social media detective, always looking for that next clue in the form of relevant content.

2: How to establish and manage a social media presence

It’s not just about sending off a few half-hearted tweets. It’s building an empire, brick by tweet, post by post.

Engage with your audience

Engagement is queen, and she’s a demanding one. But remember, you’re not pleading for attention, you’re dancing together, testing each other’s rhythmic flow. Listen and learn from your audience in a two-way conversational loop.

Find your platform

Not all platforms are created equal. Find where your target audience is hanging out, set up camp and start making that digital magic happen. Just remember, spreading yourself too thinly on all platforms is equivalent to being a social media jack of all trades, master of none.

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Social Media managment testimonial.
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3: How to create a brand, tone, and voice for a social media presence

Imagine your brand as an individual—what do they sound like? Are they sassy, sophisticated, or scholarly? Having a consistent voice adds authenticity and makes you recognizable amidst the crowded social media throng.

Establish your values

If your brand was a superhero, what would be its superpowers? Its flaws? Its secret identity? Don’t shy away from putting these aspects out there, they’re your hook, your differentiator—what sets you apart from the vanilla brands on the block.

Create brand guidelines

Put everything into a brand guideline—from the tone of voice to the color palette. It’s like your brand’s blueprint—the architects and builders can refer to it when they’re creating content.

4: How to evaluate the performance of content on social media and how to iterate on that performance

Measuring your performance on social media is like holding up a mirror—it reflects the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly.

Do a deep performance analysis

Look beyond ‘likes.’ Check on conversions, bounce rates, and other metrics. These figures allow you to drill down to the nitty-gritty reactions to your content.

Use A/B testing

Have you heard of A/B testing? It’s like the ‘Pepsi vs Coke’ dilemma, where you can see which flavor your audience prefers. Don’t be afraid to iterate. As in life, in social media, you often learn more from failures than successes.

5: Online reputation management

You’ve worked so hard to build your digital sandcastle, don’t let an online tidal wave wash it away.

Respond promptly

If there’s a negative review or comment, don’t hide under the covers, face it head-on. Respond promptly and sincerely. You’re not an emotionless brand-bot—show your human side!

Use criticism constructively

Turn Lemons into lemonade! Use criticism as a stepping stone towards better customer relations. It’s like a free critique by a professional; Use it to your advantage!

6: Community management and programming

Don’t just build a community—nurture it, feed it, let it grow.

Get personal

Don’t be afraid to get personal—share moments of success, failure, or even random musings. It’s like inviting your audience into your living room for a cup of digital tea.

Include User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is like the lifeblood of your community. It not only creates engagement but makes your audience feel valued and heard.

7: Paid social media strategy and execution

The aim of your paid social media strategy should be simple—don’t break the bank while reaching the right people.

Focus on targeted ads

Invest in ads but with precision. Rely on demographic data, user behavior, and personal preferences. It’s less shotgun approach and more sniper precision.

Track ROI

Check your Return on Investment (ROI). After all, we’d all like to know if that hip street artist we hired to paint our shop’s mural is starting to draw a crowd, right?

8: Team member management and development

Manage your team like a well-rehearsed orchestra. Each individual has to play their part in harmony to create a beautiful symphony.

Train regularly

Don’t let the learning stop. Regular training keeps your team at the top of their game. Remember, even the best athletes still need training.

Emphasize Teamwork

Finally, remember the “social” in social media. Foster a culture of collaboration. After all, teamwork makes the social media dream work!

Social media management is not for the faint-hearted. It needs authenticity, strategic planning, and the ability to pivot and adapt. But, at the end of the day, remember you are dealing with humans. So keep it personal, genuine, and most importantly, keep it human!

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